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Play Music piano lessons are a tailored, personal service.

Care is taken to match our teachers and students, based on both your goals and your availability. Enjoy your lessons in your own home, or online.

Play Music teachers give you the support to discover the musician within and foster your own unique relationship with music.

While we don't offer free trial lessons, we do encourage you to try out a teacher for a good match before committing to the term with them. If you don't click, we'll try out another teacher so you find the right fit.


Check out our Teachers!

We're a  fresh, different choice.

Our teachers are diverse, unique and full of personality.

Our piano teachers are carefully hand-picked for their ability to encourage exploration and expose students to a variety of styles. They’re reliable and personable people, passionate about their calling, who form real relationships with their students through their love of teaching the piano.


They will nurture your curiosity and help you laugh at your mistakes, earn your rewards, and feel proud of achieving your goalsThey come from diverse backgrounds and most importantly, enjoy teaching a range of styles across the full musical spectrum.

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Our Sydney Teachers

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Our Melbourne Teachers

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We're a  fresh, different choice.

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