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Play Music Piano Lessons are fun and personalised.

Play Music piano lessons offers engaging piano tuition for contemporary students who want to learn great music. We take the time to understand exactly what you're looking for, and then work on matching you with the best piano teacher for your needs.

Your teacher will tailor a program to suit you, and adjust their methods to the style that suits you best.

We offer weekly lessons, both in-home and online. Lessons are billed in advance for each term, which run in tandem with the public schools dates.

Whether it's exam tuition, serious musical pursuit or fun exploration, our job is to give you the tools to feel completely confident in what you do.

Your Teacher

Our teachers have been hand-sourced to ensure they're friendly, engaging and totally awesome.

Finding the right piano teacher can make a huge difference to your motivation and enjoyment.

We believe that every student learns, interprets and plays music in a unique way, so our approach is adapted to each individual's personal learning styles and goals.

We focus on encouragement and inspiration, and draw from a range of contemporary approaches in our teaching.

Your Lessons

Our piano lessons are thoughtfully designed to make learning fun and personally rewarding.

With us, you can play a wide variety of interesting music across a range of genres, to capture your imagination and interest. You tell us your goals, and we'll help you forge that path - each teacher passing their own unique gifts onto you.


In every lesson, you'll be playing the songs you love as well as learning scales, sight reading and other technical skills. As your ability grows, you'll also be exposed to more advanced aural and rhythm skills along with improvisation, composition, musicology and performance.

All lessons are held at your place.


Our Approach
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Enrolments are open year round, and we offer a pro-rata first term for new students.

No need to commit until we find a teacher you love!

Ongoing lessons are then billed for a full term, with automatic re-enrolment each term.




For little kids, newbies and beginner students




For beginner, intermediate and adult students




For intermediate, advanced, adult and exam students


Term Dates 2024


5 Feb - 14 April

29 April - 7 July

22 July - 29 Sept

14 Oct - 15 Dec

Term 1:

Term 2:

Term 3:

Term 4:


Term 1:

Term 2:

Term 3:

Term 4:

22 Jan - 28 March

15 April - 23 June

8 July - 15 Sept

30 Sept - 15 Dec


29 Jan - 28 March

15 April - 30 June

15 July - 22 Sept

7 Oct - 15 Dec

Term 1:

Term 2:

Term 3:

Term 4:

Rates and Dates


Our teachers come to you, whether that’s physically in your home, or online.

In both cases, you get all the benefits of top-class teachers in the comfort of your own space. This cuts down on the amount of distractions and is a great way for you to feel comfortable and focused. It also saves you time travelling to and from lessons each week!

In Home Lessons

Our in-home lessons are available for students in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, where we work with a wide range of teachers from diverse backgrounds.

Online Lessons

Prefer online lessons? Great! Virtual lessons are just a click of an email away - and you're instantly video-connected to your teacher.

Using your desktop, laptop or tablet, your teacher can take you on a personal journey with music, from anywhere in Australia. This lets you pursue your musical goals no matter what’s going on in the wider world.


Practice Diaries

We make practice a cinch, with a colourful homework diary.

Play Music teachers use our special Practice Diaries, created to enhance your child's learning and help them to keep practicing regularly.

The highlight of our diaries is our expertly-designed Practice Rewards System, which rewards piano practise with points that allow you to move through our game-style map – conquering dragons, meeting magical creatures and obtaining special titles as they move through four fantasy worlds.

As well as being beautifully and lovingly illustrated, they're designed to use weekly to write down homework, and contain additional technical reference pages and exercises which make them a great accompaniment to practice time for kids and adults alike.



All enrolments are booked on a term-by-term basis. Your enrolment will continue to roll over automatically each term until you tell us otherwise.


Brand new students enrolling mid-term are just billed for the remaining weeks in the term.


Lessons are billed in advance at the beginning of each term, payment due within 14 days. All invoices are sent via email and can be paid via direct deposit. Payments cannot be refunded once the term has begun.

Trial Lesson Policy

We value a great teacher/student match and see it as a key to success for all students.


While we don't offer free trial lessons, we do encourage you to try a teacher out for a good match before committing to the term with them!


If you don't click with them after the first lesson, you'll only pay for the lesson you had, and we can try out another teacher if there's one available. 

Cancellation Policy

It's best to avoid cancellations, as we don't offer refunds. We'll do our best to find a mutually convenient time for a make-up lesson, teacher's availability allowing. If a suitable time can't be found, then the lesson will be forfeited.


In the event that your teacher can't attend a lesson we'll organise a make-up lesson, or offer a hassle-free credit if this isn't possible.


We encourage a spirit of goodwill while still respecting and safeguarding our teachers' incomes.

Enrolment Policy

We provide a fair system for both teachers and students, and pride ourselves on our great customer service.

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