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We’re a married couple with two delightful little girls and a shared passion for living curious, creative lives.

Our aim is to breathe life into music lessons and reflect modern values in our teaching, constantly re-examining things in a fresh way to ensure a continuing culture of learning and improvement.


Prior to opening Play Music, Kat was a trained theatre actor, design guru and arts manager who spent a decade working for companies such as CarriageWorks, Sydney Festival, Relativity Films and the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre. She also worked with Eastern Suburbs Piano Tuition, helping streamline their administrative systems and acting as MC at their annual recitals.


Josh is a highly-respected piano teacher, an avid composer, and an advocate for future-thinking music teaching methods. His ability to understand and connect with students has earned him a reputation as one of the most sought-after piano teachers in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.


Combining Kat's powerhouse administrative skills with Josh's capacity for creative teaching, we've put together a team of enthusiastic teachers who share our real-world view of how 21st century students want to learn.


When we aren’t teaching and running Play Music, we love to tell funny stories to our kids, create mammoth sandcastles on the beach and wax lyrical on philosophy and the nature of being.

We’re Kat and Josh, the team behind Play Music.

Kat and Josh, founders of Play Music School, standing together

Piano lessons at your home,
with teachers who care,
and music you love.

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