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Play Music concerts are different. They’re exciting. They’re bold. They’re creative.

They offer varied opportunities for students to grow as performers and gain confidence playing in front of others. You’ll always find our concerts to be memorable, varied and wholly inspirational.

There are many benefits to performance. Concerts are an excellent way to encourage growth, focus and self-motivation for students. Performing helps to reinforce all skills learnt in lessons and gives the student a chance for experiential learning, allowing them to share their progress, gain confidence and recognition for their efforts. Having something to work towards is very motivating, and the sense of accomplishment is unbeatable!




Gala Concerts

Our Annual Gala Concert is the event of the year!

Our Gala Concerts are a fantastic opportunity for students to perform for family and friends on a grand piano in an intimate concert setting, with light show, big screen projection and performances by our students and teachers.


The concert is also a fabulous introduction to performance skills, which build confidence both personally and musically within a supportive environment.  During Term 3, teachers will focus on preparing enrolled students for performance by including a stage preparation module into their weekly classes.


Students have the opportunity to be creative in their musical choices - perform solo pieces, duets, band collaborations, singing, electronic backbeats... your imagination is the limit!

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