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Inside the Diaries

* Weekly homework pages include space for:

  • Technique notes

  • Notes on current pieces

  • Blank staff lines for notation

  • Practice minutes/points recorder

Each Practice Diary which has a game-style graphic map at the back of it. By practicing on the piano, students earn Practice Points which they can then use to advance through the map and fight bosses, collect tools for their adventure, and combat different worlds.


Each map is imaginatively and professionally illustrated, and appeals to modern kids of all ages. 

* Exercises:

  • Basic timing (2 page spread)

  • Sight reading for right and left hands (4 page spread)

  • Rhythm exercises (2 page spread)

* Note names for right and left hands

* Dynamics reference

* Major and minor scales with suggested fingering

* Blank pages for goal-setting

* Sheet music manuscript pages

* Our exciting Practice Rewards Game Map

Pracitce Diary ref pages.jpg

Points are earnt based on the number of minutes practiced each week, and extra challenges are provided to engage students in learning as they 'spend' their points advancing through the map.


Extra challenges include:

  • Sightreading

  • Rhythm and aural exercises

  • Scales and finger exercises

  • Piece perfecting pursuits

  • Fun and hilarious teacher challenges - where your teacher does the hard work!

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